Catalyst is searching for a Technical Artist who acts as a bridge between the Artist and Programmers working on various interactive experiences at Catalyst. This person will ensure art assets can be easily integrated into a game without sacrificing either the overall artistic vision or exceeding the technical
limitations of the chosen platform. The Technical Artist works part of the art team, working closely with the Creative Director, as well as the appropriate in-house workforce of the chosen outside partners to complete the project.
Their main areas of responsibility include setting up and maintaining the art projection workflow, and making decisions about which art packages and tools a studio should use. They are also charged with investigating new techniques and implementing them. The job often includes a teaching element, with the Technical Artist sharing their knowledge via trading and mentoring sessions with other designers. They oversee work in response to feedback or debugging complex assets such as character skeleton rigs, and skinning systems. They also research and oversee the implementation of rendering techies such as normal and specular maps, particle systems and pixel shaders.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Acting as a bridge between the Artists and Programmers working on event interactive of games.
  • Able to jump-in when needed to assist the project hands-on
  • Ensuring art assets can be easily integrated into a game without sacrificing the artistic vision or exceeding the platform's technical limits
  • Assist in the "pitch" development-stage for projects, including mock-ups of interactive and/or storyboarding and copywriting
  • Investigating new techniques, implementing them and training the team
  • Bring the vision of the Interactive Team to life by referencing the conceptual design and connecting the programming resources to the art/design resources

Required Skills

  • Highly skilled in use of 3D graphics software
  • Have knowledge of PC hardware architecture and technical limitations os suites
  • Be able to work with minimum supervision
  • Have good commutation and people management skills, in order to train and mentor others
  • Be able to work well as part of a team
  • Be able to customize existing art packages so that they are as streamlined as possible for specific projects and relatable to various client brands
  • Have extensive knowledge of art packages ranging from modeling to texturing and special effects. Autodesk Maya, Adobe CC, Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 are a plus
  • Be able to show technical proficiency in areas such as lighting and rending, texturing, and graphics-related programming languages such as shaders

Required Education

  • 5-10 years within Video Game Industry-related position preferred
  • Bachelor's Degree

Technical Artist