A Developer in the exhibit and trade-show industry will be a keen jack-of-all-trades; part programmer capable of design applications and software to suit a client's needs within a branded marketing campaign, under tight deadlines, and part artist, capable of pilling a loose vision together in a complete package with characters, worlds, and a strong and present message. In other words, the role requires a strong focus on the technical side of development with knowledge in visual scripting in Unreal Engine 4 or Unity 5, along with excellent communication skills and a deep artistic understand of what makes a polished game good.Developers need to work quickly and efficiently, alongside graphics designers, spatial experience designers, UI/UX designers and other specialist to integrate and influence decisions on various requested features that the client and team ask for.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop interactive engagements for VR, AR, or various PC hardware configurations
  • Assist in the "pitch" development-stage for projects, including mock-ups of interactive and/or storyboarding and copywriting
  • Work within the Creative Department to produce a high-quality, attractive product that helps communicate the client's brand-story, launch new products, or act as a "show-stopper" to gain show floor attention
  • Constructively operate within the creative team to provide technical expertise about prospective projects and new business

Required Skills

  • Provide backup when necessary to outside teams developing specific projects
  • Prototype R&D projects that may not be entirely game-centric
  • Debug and play-test projects to provide a smooth, bug-free experience
  • Problem solve unique situations to the exhibit/tradeshow environment
  • Have experience in quality assurance and testing to make sure your work will hold up under pressure
  • Have a solid understanding of one of the major game engines (Unreal or Unity) and be able to code with with visual-scripting tools (Behavior-Designer/Playmaker or Blueprints, respectively) in an artist-friendly manor, so that other creative-team members ca
  • Create mock-ups and prototypes
  • Work with other members of the creative team to ensure brand consistency
  • Understand service technologies and how best to use web services to solve problems
  • Excellent development experience, preferably with skills in multiple programming languages

Required Education

  • 5-10 years within a Video Game Industry-related position preferred
  • Bachelor's Degree

Unreal-Unity Developer