Contrast Security

Show:RSA Conference
Location:San Francisco
Industry:IT Security

Contrast Security is a rapidly growing player in application security and needed to represent that upward trajectory with their presence at the RSA Conference. Find out below how they accomplished exactly that.

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The Results


Contrast Security has some seriously powerful software but was the new kid on the block so-to-speak. Further, the RSA Conference has become a show that can be challenging to stand out at – even for the more well-known players in the space. Not only did they need to cut through the noise, but to establish themselves as an emergent leader.



Catalyst created an experience that was bold, leveraged prominent messaging, and incorporated a variety of engagement opportunities to generate interest and ensure a positive brand interaction. Some of these engagements include:

  • Custom View Finder with 7 scenes that tied into their “See more and less” campaign
  • Meeting Incentives - Electric Bike and Rayban Giveaways
  • Hospitality Area featuring:
    • Tailored cocktails with light up glasses
    • Face-on lattes – printing attendee faces on their own lattes for photo-ops
  • Entertainment such as a headphone-only dance party

This was supported by small presentation area and demo stations that allowed for attendees to engage with Contrast Security products. The space was jam-packed with qualified attendees the entire show.

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