Location:Las Vegas

Ansys is a leader in engineering and physics simulation solutions. Find out below how they leveraged their exhibit to showcase their position in the market and support their lead generation initiatives.

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The Results


Ansys was seeking to reinforce their position as the leader in engineering simulation across multiple enterprises and to connect with VIP executives.



Catalyst approached the exhibit in two parts. The first was to design a compelling booth presence that “screamed” simulation and would connect with their customers’ digital transformation initiatives. This was done primarily through architecture and an attention-grabbing front approach which featured a multi-surface LED screen that highlighted their technology in an eye-catching way. This was supported by demos around the perimeter of the exhibit.

The second part was to dedicate most of the exhibit space to a premium executive experience. The VIP experience featured high-end materials, a comfortable lounge area, and spacious meeting rooms that made attendees almost forget they were even on the trade show floor.

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