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Mar 30, 2022 12:40:31 PM1 min read

At the Top of Sustainable Exhibits

Ever more increasingly, Catalyst is seeing RFPs asking about our sustainability practices. We think that’s a good question to ask.

Sustainability is a way of life, not just a fad or something you simply talk about, but don’t practice every day. Many exhibit houses will tout their use of recycled or recyclable materials in fabrication. That’s an excellent start. We’ve gone a step further.


More than two decades ago, Catalyst moved to reusable, rental components. Not ‘pre-designed’ exhibits. Components that we use to create custom experiences on a rental basis.

It was a no brainer for us to offer this to our customers. Why? Because upgrading to rental offers the ultimate in marketing flexibility for different venues, different exhibiting spaces and different needs. Our clients suddenly were able to adapt quickly to changes.


More importantly, it’s all about reuse of those components. In fact, reuse is the most preferred way to reduce waste and practice sustainability, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.


Waste Management Hierarchy

Source: US EPA Website


Beyond Rental

We also build custom exhibits or exhibiting elements for our customers as well, and in that regard, we strive to use sustainable materials wherever possible (in addition to offering storage onsite for reuse of those properties). And when those properties reach the end of their lifecycle, we recycle or find new homes for them through resale.


Bottom Line

Catalyst aims to minimize the environmental impact of all our activities and to help our customers and suppliers to do the same. Over eighty (80) percent of Catalyst’s exhibit production revenues come from the rental of exhibits, representing an enormous positive sustainability impact toward lowered carbon footprints.



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