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Feb 5, 2019 8:00:00 AM1 min read

Exhibit Design VS Real-Life

It's not uncommon for exhibit companies to make the initial design of the exhibit look great, but then provide a final product that doesn't live up to expectations. This can be due to any combination of problems with set-up, fabrication, communication, or overall results. This articles covers common missteps and our approach to successfully avoid them.

Below are 3 critical areas in making sure you get the exhibit you expected.



Clear expectations, transparency, and communication are just as important as quality and set-up. That's why we use a collaborative process that focuses on what will maximize your success at the show. A collaborative process may take a little longer up-front, but the end result will be an exhibit designed specifically for your needs. You will know exactly what you are getting and why. Cutting corners, lack of collaboration, and off-the-shelf solutions open up the possibility for miscommunication and sub-par results.


Axalta Rendering Vs Real-Life



Clear examples of results and execution should be a cornerstone of the evaluation process. If an exhibit house can't  demonstrate the ability to execute what they are pitching, you are being exposed to unnecessary risk. Experience is critical in an industry with so many moving parts. For us and our on-site partners, that experience is a badge of honor. Combine this with on-site support and strong account management, and you are left with a much smoother experience. Exhibit houses that execute well aren't simply done once the exhibit leaves the door.


Brainlab Render vs Real-life



Certain exhibit houses outsource elements of the fabrication work. While this allows them to reduce overhead - it can result in longer lead times, quality issues, and mistakes. For that reason, we have invested heavily into full fabrication capabilities - allowing for greater quality control, workmanship, and the ability to react to needs faster. Further, it allows the creative boundaries to be pushed without compromising customer experience. This leads to better results with less headaches.


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