Blink Charging

Location:Las Vegas

Blink Charging has provided charging solutions for EVS for over 13 years, however their first “Brand Unveiling” at CES was to happen for the first time in 2022. Find out how Blink Charging made a big first impression.

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The Results


Beyond making their first appearance, Blink was also launching 7 brand new products at the show – the largest product launch in their 13-year history. The space not only needed to stand out at the world’s largest trade show, but also showcase a wide range of new products and reflect their rapid growth within the industry.



Catalyst created an open, modern space with overhead messaging that communicated instantly what Blink offered. As a new-comer brand to the show, this was critical for attracting self-qualified traffic to their exhibit. Once there, attendees were greeted with compelling AV that quickly highlighted the new products within the line. Kiosks were available for self-service navigation through the details of the products.

Within the rest of the space, product lines were clearly labeled and seamlessly integrated into the architecture to allow for product demonstrations and hands-on experiences with the products. Blink received significant coverage in articles and blogs from outlets such as TechCrunch, South Florida Business Journal, Car and Driver, and more.

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