Show:RSA Conference
Location:San Francisco
Industry:Information Technology, Security

RSA is an IT security leader. Every year they host their own conference and this time they wanted to highlight the full range of their products. Find out below how their exhibit used a multi-dimensional experience to do just that.

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The Results

5 # Products
4 # Interactive Experiences
2 # Presentation Areas
1 # Goal

RSA provides a full-suite of security products, but some aren’t as well known. They needed an experience that better informed attendees on what they offer.



Catalyst created a multi-station experience to highlight their full range of products - synching with their “Weather the storm” marketing campaign.

The experience started with walking through a rain wall to tie in the campaign. Followed by a selfie station, and a VR cloud that highlighted each product. The experience ended with a projection mapped sand game that further increased engagement. This was all supported by 2 different presentation areas and demo areas further educating attendees.

This combination of fun, interactive, and practicality left attendees with an unforgettable experience while also educating them on what RSA provides.

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